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About Us!

Hello All!
Welcome to my very first blog post! I have to say, I never thought the day would come that I would be writing a blog but here we are and here it goes...
I decided to do this so we can talk about important health topics and so you can get to know my team, my practice, and myself a little better. Let me start by introducing myself by way of answering a few questions…
General Info: How many years in practice?: Over 14 now – WOW, time sure does fly
Where did you go to school for chiropractic?: Life University in Atlanta, Georgia Are you married?: Yes! I have been married to my beautiful wife, Teri, for 18 years and we have 3 incredible children together.

What is your favorite… Part of your job?: Working with our team to develop unique and creative ways to help our patients get out of pain and get healthier, especially when they have tried everything else and not found success elsewhere. Food?: Charcoal grilled meat Sport?: Hockey. Go Red Wings & Griffins!! Outdoor activity?: Any…

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