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Take that vacation you've been talking about - you won't regret it.

Hello friends,
Having just gone on vacation near Lake Michigan, I want to talk to you about the importance of taking vacation. Like many of you taking time off work, it is very hard for me to leave our patients or our practice for any extended time.My mind tells me our patients might suffer without me there or my team might need me to help in certain situations.Sometimes I feel guilty not being in the office.But I have had to make strong efforts to let that negativity go.Once I did that, vacations have helped tremendously with work/life balance for myself and my family and I now realize how essential taking a vacation or mini-break truly is.I use vacations to get out of my normal routine and usual environment and shake it up a bit.This is great for my relationships and I always come back to work rejuvenated and ready to serve our patients and my team at a much higher level. The positives always outweigh the negatives and I have found these vacations essential for my personal growth an…

How long do you want to stay healthy and out of pain?

Wow! I am amazed by the great responses we had to our first blog post - maybe I should have decided to do this earlier. 

The title of this post is rhetorical, of course, because I know you all want to stay healthy and out of pain for your entire life. I decided to record a short video for you all to watch on how chiropractic care effects your entire body through your nervous system. 

Staying on a treatment or maintenance plan for your spine is vital to your overall health for your entire life. Just because you don't feel pain in your back or neck doesn't mean you aren't at risk for other conditions or illnesses. 

Chiropractic care can  help with... 

Common musculoskeletal conditions: low back pain and stiffnessneck and upper back pain and stiffnessmid back pain and stiffnessheadaches and migrainesleg pain, weakness, numbness and tinglingarm pain, weakness, numbness and tinglingextremity joint pain and dysfunctioncarpal tunnel syndromeCommon injuries: automobile accident and whip…

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